My drawings access the visceral, illuminate the moving parts.

College trained as a dancer, I spent decades running, leaping, spinning, falling, recovering. Light was always facile and animate. Rhythm part of the picture.

As a choreographer, I negotiated form in 3D. Spontaneous, real-time compositions defend curiousity, make it happen. Now, focusing primarily on figure drawing, skills honed as a dance-artist transfer to paper: rhythm, light, movement, and spontaneous composition techniques. Capturing the sensual says it all.

I draw on paper, sometimes in old books—it’s far more responsive than canvas. My primary inspiration is the human body, but I also bundle fresh, fragrent lavender to use as a print-making medium—pounding and scraping ink-drunk stems and flowers onto large paper (guided by Beethoven’s string quartets) then hand coloring the results. Recently and unexpectedly, photographs of an invasive seaweed on the island of Murano have yielded some of my most sensual and enigmatic work.