Rhythm, sensuality and humor characterize Jac’s work. Known as a choreographer and writer, her drawings and artworks are now center stage. Jac Carley cofounded tanzfabrik berlin in 1978, where her evening-length choreographies defined the first decade of this internationally recognized institution. As an author of fiction and nonfiction, her books have been published in major houses in Germany, her poetry in small presses in the US. Born in NJ, she received a BA with Special Honors in Dance at George Washington University where she studied under Prof Maida Withers. In Berlin, Lara Faroqhi, Michael Hegeman and Christine Arweiler are her art teachers.

Exhibitions: Venice Glass Week (Murano/2018-19), Galerie ZeitZone (Berlin/Group/2018, 2019), Cédre Blanc (Berlin/Solo/2018), L’Origin du Monde (Berlin/Solo/2014,2015,2016,2017), Takt Galerie (Berlin/Group/2017). Her photographs are currently on exhibition for the first time at Glaube Liebe Hoffnung Restaurant/Gallery (Berlin/Solo).

Residency at Berlin Art Institute, August 2019.

For more information about Jac’s professional background in dance, publishing and higher education click here: https://jacalyn-carley.com